Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Obama's speech was not helpful!..What does he want a Congressional resolution to say,exactly?

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At least 100 people outside WH. Secret Service a bit tense, telling ppl where they can't put stuff..

Fresh popcorn at the Syria protest outside the White House.

Harry Reid says he's canceling a Weds all-senators briefing on Syria because "there are too many things moving."

 If the goal of the speech was to be able to say he made his case to the people, then it's achieved. Not sure it accomplishes anything else..

Weakest part of speech was about danger of escalation -- basically "terrorists gonna terror."

He addresses concerns on both the right and the left. "The burden of leaderships are often heavy. But the world's a better place because we have bore them.".

Now he's discussing the proposal to put Syria's CW arsenal under international control.

"I have therefore asked the leaders of congress to postpone a vote" on the use of force "while we pursue this path." 

 No boots on the ground! He has mentioned this before. He has mentioned much of this before.

"I know military action, no matter how limited, is not going to be popular." He is now "responding to concerns" he's heard from congress and in "letters sent to me.".

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